Dutch translators in Florida

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Ms. Roberta H. - Dutch Translator in Florida

I am a native speaker providing Proofreading, Translation, Transcription services in Dutch into English.

Although my bachelor's degree is in French and my master's degree is in landscape architecture, English is my best skill. The only credentials I can offer in this area, besides a sample of my writing, are my test scores on the verbal portion of the GRE, which were in the 99th percentile (top 1%). My translations benefit greatly from this facility with English. I have translated texts from French into English and have taken two university courses in translating French, which, surprisingly, have been generally applicable to other languages. My Dutch is now much better than my French. I lived for 13 years in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband. I took two intensive courses there in Dutch as a second language and did well in both (a "9," which is equivalent to an "A" in the American system). I continued to develop my knowledge of Dutch, and a few years ago I began translating texts from Dutch into English. One of my first paid jobs was for an architecture office. I was well suited for this job, because of my M.L.A. (Master of Landscape Architecture). Last year I passed the NT2 II exam, a challenging test of Dutch as a foreign language. For the past few years, most of the texts I've translated have been academic, often scientific texts from the Delft University of Technology. My husband is a nuclear physicist, and I rely on him and others in my network to verify the correct translation of scientific terms. But I have a large vocabulary of my own and am good at researching terminology online. I have been a freelance editor for 10 years, longer than I've been translating. Because of this experience, I am familiar with various English styles.

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Ms. Els V. - Dutch Translator in Florida

I am a native speaker providing Translation services in English into Dutch, French into Dutch.

I have an extensive background in language training and had the chance to apply my education as a linguist in a variety of settings. After I obtained my bachelor's degree in translation, I was able to develop and perfect my language skills as a translator, interpreter and multilingual international tour director for over 15 years. My area of expertise is translation from source languages English and French to Dutch as the target language. I am a perfectionist and guarantee professional and timely work.

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