Korean translators in Ohio

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Ms. Ji yun S. - Korean Translator

I am a native speaker providing Translation services in Korean into English, English into Korean.

I am a Korean native translator providing various types of document translation in Korean into English or English into Korean. I earned a MA degree in TESOL at Temple University in 2009. I have been providing professional translation services in legal, financial, marketing and technical related documents such as patent litigation, confidentiality agreement, legal contract, technical manual, product specification, test report, financial report, and so on. With my accumulated career and my linguistic knowledge, I have full confidence and capability of taking the translation work as an accurate and qualified translator.

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Ms. Hayeon L. - Korean Translator

I am a native speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Proofreading, Simultaneous Interpretation, Telephone Interpreting, Translation, Typesetting, Transcription, Interpretation services in English into Korean, Korean into English.

As a former business expert working at Hyundai Group in Seoul and Paypal in Silicon Valley and therefore being familiar with corporate settings, I can render the perfect word register and style that satisfy your client' needs. I graduated from the MIIS (Monterey Institute of International Studies) with an MA degree in Korean-English Conference Interpretation in 2008. Also, I studied Business and Finance at Wharton School (MBA) for one semester in 2004. I have recently taken U.S. State Dept's Contract Interpreter test and am waiting for the result.

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